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Brushed Backgrounds

Brush this!

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
This is a community for people interested in requesting, trading, and sharing brushed backgrounds.

Community Mods: legomymalfoy & tarie


1) Please be sure to place anything larger than 200 X 200 behind an lj-cut tag. Also, if you have more than 3 images to share, please place the rest behind a cut tag.

2) Please give credit where credit is due. Let us know where you got the brushes if at all possible.

3)If you take a background, be sure to credit the brush artist!

4)If you take, be sure to upload to your own server.

5)Sharing is a must.

6)Please do not advertise other communities here without sharing a brushed background with us.

7)No netspeak in your post to the community or comments within it, please. Typing lik thz iz 4 l4M3R5, MK? The occassional smilie and OMG/LOL is acceptable.

We will be happy to provide a link exchange on the user information if you have an icon, brush, template, or background-based community you would like to advertise. Let us know by emailing tarier@livejournal.com or legomymalfoy@livejournal.com

Thank you!